Dear Lifehacker,
I'm getting ready to head out on a few business trips and I'm worried that the break from my routine will disrupt my exercise schedule. How can I stick to an exercise routine even when I'm away from home?
Stickin' to It
Dear SI,
We're no strangers to the struggles of exercising on the road and what happens when you break that routine. The good news is fitting in a workout is pretty easy provided your schedule allows you to stick to the same basic routine you do at home. We've said it plenty of times before, but routine is really important with exercise, and even if you're jet lagged or low on energy try to stick to exercising at the same time, even if it's a shorter workout. Here are a few ways to do it when you're traveling.

Adopt a No-Equipment Workout for the Hotel Room

Exercise doesn't require a lot of gear, and provided you're not staying in a tiny hotel, you probably have the room to workout. We've covered a few workouts you can do with nothing but your body, and even if you don't have a big roomyou can do prison-style workouts in tight spaces.